Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fun Fact

I thought about calling this post statistics, however I realized nobody would read it because it would bring back wonderful memories from nursing school. Everyone remembers just wanting to finish this course because it felt like we were learning to become accountants. When we had the option to take a statistics course or anthropology I picked anthropology. I actually assumed the anthropology course would be about evolution and monkeys, so I felt I had lucked out!! Goodness, was I ever shocked when I showed up the first day and there was no mention of monkeys, and I didn’t even have a calculator. This darn course was the exact same thing as the stats course but with a different name. Honestly, am I the only one who thinks of primates when I hear the word anthropology??? Anyhow, this was a long explanation about why I decided on calling this post a "fun fact," because I really want people to read the following and think about their own life.

I am not a huge fan of statistics and what they mean because I have not fallen into the majority with regards to breast cancer. I understand that the odds of getting this disease is slim to none as many articles have noted that the chances of acquiring this disease in your 20s is less than 1%. I would have much rather have won the lottery, but nope craptaculous cancer is what I got instead. However, when someone in their 20s or 30s gets this disease generally they are diagnosed at a more advanced stage. What gets to me is someone in this age group has so much more to live for then our older counterparts, and yet we are relatively ignored or dismissed with concerns regarding our perky boobs. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want our lovely elderly population to die from this disease, absolutely not, however I am disturbed at the lackadaisical mentality that some people have with regards to this disease and young women. I can name numerous people who have gotten this disease at a young age and the impact it has had on their lives is astronomical. Many who have young children, careers, and busy lives. Therefore, when I heard what happened to a friend I became mildly angry, and motivated to change this stigma of who gets breast cancer. So a friend who had discovered a lump went to have a mammogram, and to her dismay was told that they wouldn’t do it because she was “too young to get breast cancer.” Now this made me darn right angry and frustrated. How dare someone make a bold statement such as that. In reality young people do get this disease and a part of the problem is this type of pure ignorance. Why would you make an assumption such as that to a young woman in her 20s with four young children???? If it isn’t cancer that is fantastic, however what if she falls into the less than 1% that does?? How much time do they allow to transpire before they realize something is wrong? This ignorance is what makes this disease change from a completely treatable condition to an incurable one.

If there is anything that I would love for any of my young female counterparts to know is to be self aware and ALWAYS advocate for your health. I am truly, 110%, passionate about raising awareness about breast cancer. I am a firm believer in trusting your gut. If you think something is wrong then there probably is. If a doctor dismisses your concerns because of your age, fight for what you are concerned about. Heck, bring me along because I will fight like hell for you. If you don’t fight for answers about your health then you will eventually be fighting for your life. If you don’t like your doctor, get another one. I can honestly say all the doctors I have had along the way have been phenomenal. I don’t want anyone to live with regret and think, “what if.” I can look back to when this started for me and think why the heck did I wait so long before I looked into what this lump was?? I’m a nurse and made the biggest mistake with my own health which I am now paying for. I waited because I was busy with my life. Honestly, it sounds so pathetic but it seems we make time for everything in our lives except for what is most important which is our own health. So if you ever have any doubt , a lump, pain, anything get it checked out. I will do anything and everything to change the perception of who gets breast cancer , and will fight to raise awareness so that young people can have a better chance at having a long, fabulous life!

On a complete off note it was my hubby’s 34th birthday!! Happy birthday, I love you so muchJ

Chris as a young peanut!


  1. I HATE statistics!! I remember in nursing school, having to study for it, I absolutely dreaded that class and yes, I too 2nd that comment that they don't always mean anything! PS-and yes, fun fact is a much better title to draw the audience in...haha:)

  2. Hahaha, i'm glad you found as much joy in that class as much as i did!

  3. Good rant Judit! I LOVE it!! I hope the young men and ladies are listening! As you can see I am doing some catch up reading today! I lost the tab for your site and just figured it out today! Looser I know!! Computers and I, sort of like oil and water!! Sending you hugs!! :)