Tuesday, 14 July 2015

15 Fun Facts About Me:)

Nancy's Point challenged other bloggers to list 15 fun facts about themselves, so here are 15 things you may not know about me!

1.) I spent almost 6years of my life living in California for the first part of my childhood.. maybe that's why I love the sun/heat so much!!

2.) I still sleep with my blanket that I have had since I was born. After I was born my mom told me that they wrapped me in this blanket and took a picture. Later, when they brought me back from the nursery my mom said they handed her a baby that was, as per my mom, not me and "extremely ugly" (her words not mine). She wondered how her "perfect baby," suddenly looked like a wrinkled old man. She realized that the babe wasn't wrapped in the blanket, and told them this was not her child. After a bit of confusion she showed them the pic of me, wrapped in this blanket, and we were reunited. Thank goodness because I love my family:). Maybe that's why I sleep and travel with it to this day.

Yes that's my blanket with the rainbows, but there is no color left to it anymore. It's pretty raggedy at this point!!

 3.) I am "artsy fartsy." I love detail, and I enjoy making things look pretty. Whether that's a meal, some art project, or decorating my home!!! I am a perfectionist and I won't stop until things look "perfect," or I curse and simply walk away if it's not up to my standards. I guess I'm always on the extreme whether it's on one end of the spectrum or the other!!

4.) I got my husband for my 20th birthday!!! Ok, let's elaborate on this. My friend got me a generous tour of a fire station, and he happened to be one of the lovelies who was there. We went on a double date, and have been together ever since!!

We were so young!!!

5.) I got engaged when I was 23 and we purchased, and built our first home shortly after. Best decision I've ever made...BEST partner in crime, plus he puts up with me which is not an easy feat;)

6.) I Love gardening!! I love planting and watching things grow. I take pride in my plants...yes, the more I write the more I wonder if I'm actually a 70year old!!

My flowers, along with my favorite little ladies!

 7.) I don't like to ask for help...EVER!! I know family and friends always want to help, and at times I know I should accept, but I simply never do. I typically feel like I can handle anything with my health which I feel can get me into trouble. I typically allow things to get pretty bad before realizing, "oh shitters I'm in trouble." Hence, why I probably have the prognosis I have now...Sigh. Public service announcement; trust your body and remember: IF IN DOUBT CHECK IT OUT!

8.) I LOVE Las Vegas!!  I've been going every year since I was 2. I typically go a couple times a year, but sometimes I don't even go on the strip. I usually stay in Henderson, and I used to dream of finishing nursing school and moving there. Now I just go every single chance I get!!

9.) I am a nerd. I love learning new things and as a child I loved school!! When I used to get bored I would look for State Bar Exam questions and try to answer them, lol. Ok, get your laughter out with this one because when I tried to do these questions they were bloody hard, but I really enjoyed trying to answer them! My brain definitely was not made to be a lawyer, but I can certainly argue;).

10.) My vision is awful, as in I may be considered legally blind, and I have a horrible memory. HORRIBLE memory. Sometimes my memory angers me, and then I walk into a wall cause I can't see shit, and then I forget where I was going. Just kidding...well....it's pretty close to being accurate actually; sadly. Thank goodness I'm married because the more I write the more I realize how much I am NOT a total catch!!

11.) I never did drugs. Ok, just wait everyone because now I use medicinal marijuana as everyone knows but I never did any other drugs and rarely ever drank. Now I use cannabis and have an occasional drink;). Thank you cancer for pushing me to dabble in drugs (medicinal only) and resort to drinking alcohol, however it has created very interesting discussions with my hubby late in the evenings;).

This is a typical evening on my medicinals...Don't even ask me why I have the flashlight over my head...maybe I felt like I needed more light??

 12.) I HATE dishonesty. If you lie to my face and I know you're lying then that's probably the end of our friendship. Arrogance and dishonesty are traits I can't stand and I will not waste my time around people who fit into these categories.

13.) When I learnt there was no Easter Bunny I was devastated, lol. This sounds so ridiculously stupid, but I can still remember this so vividly. I was about 10yrs old and I walked in on my mom colouring Easter eggs...well that was the loss of my innocence as per me!

14.) I'm a complete klutz! Yes, I'm clumsy. I once accidentally backed out of my driveway without looking back (NEVER do this), and didn't realize my brother's lovely, and very expensive, 7 Series BMW was there, and I backed into the side. But wait as it gets worse; I didn't understand why my car wasn't reversing so after I hit his car I pressed the gas and essentially scratched the entire side of his car!!! I essentially fled the country fearing for my life and entered Witness Protection!! Just kidding I didn't run, although that seemed like a possibility at the moment. Thankfully, my brother kept his cool and didn't kill me as I am still here!! Secondly, when my hubby and I were in Mexico, I walked right into a glass window and chipped my tooth! The glass was so ridiculously clean that it didn't even appear like there was glass there, but sure as shit it was there!! These are just a couple of the things that show my clumsiness. The list could go on and on, but I will stop at this...believe me my friends could list many more!!!

15.) I'm Hungarian and speak it fluently. English was my second language. I didn't learn to speak English until I started kindergarten, which I dropped out of because my teacher was too loud and it scared me. Yes, I used to be very shy and quiet as well!


  1. Awesome! Good laugh for me today! I can relate to walking into things with harsh consequences! LOL

  2. Fun list! Oy, 7 series, you are lucky he didn't murder you! Haha. I still sleep with an extra blanket, my blanky was retired, but I still have it!

    1. I know he handled it surprisingly well...I think my mom was on the verge of having a heart attack!! Baby blankets are totally irreplaceable!!

  3. You have the funniest personality. I smiled the whole time I read this. I really cracked up over number 11 and the picture. I love Las Vegas too. I grew up in Southern California and never thought I would end up in Vegas. My daughter is married to a Henderson firefighter. Cute baby pic, and so glad your mom finally got the right baby!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed my list Ginger!! What are the odds that your daughter is married to a Henderson firefighter!! I think so many people have a misconception of Las Vegas thinking that if you live there everything revolves around the strip, and it so doesn't. I'm a fan of Lake Las Vegas out in Henderson...quiet, HOT, and beautiful!! Definitely headed there in my near future;).

  4. Oh Judit! Kindergarten drop-out...I guess you turned out ok. I think you should include your outfits under artsy-fartsy, especially at work. Your lanyard always matched your scrubs matched your shoes matched your earrings. I was usually a bit jealous, I am lucky if my socks match. Thank you in advance for including number seven, now I know to nag your insistently to see if you need help.

    1. Bahahaha, oh my work attire. I sooooo enjoyed dressing up my scrubs with fun things. If you're socks don't match that's ok, that's the beauty of working in peds the kids may even like you better because I'm pretty sure they'll be able to relate to you;)

  5. You crack me up! Am very happy that you weren't switched at birth, like that TV show Switched At Birth. Imagine..?! Also I have walked into glass too, and am very clumsy. Loved the pics :)

    1. I know!!! I soooo wouldn't want to be on that show!! It appears my life was bound to be complicated from the get go;)