Monday, 27 October 2014

The Best Medicine Is...

Not too much has been going on with me healthwise that I know of anyways. I do get the aches and pains, on and off, which then makes my mind wander to the craptaculous cancer progressing. My sternum will hurt, then when I rotate I get pain in my hip, recently I've had some pain to my ribs, and then my memory, ok what memory? Then I tell myself to snap out of it!! Yes, I talk to myself, not out loud but I have to remind myself that aimlessly worrying won't change what is, and won't eliminate what will be. Therefore, this post is not about the things that slowly erode my sanity, but rather the things that nourish it. What could this be you wonder, well let me tell you!

Happiness and laughter. Yes, this sounds so simple but when I'm around the people I love, and we laugh, and I mean laugh wholeheartedly I forget about everything. I mean specifically this crappy cancer, and I get to really enjoy the moment. This is the laughter where you become fearful of peeing yourself!!

This past week was filled with much of that. I volunteered at my nieces zoo school, and got to enjoy myself with a handful of grade 5ers. They were all sweet and well behaved. The conversation I had with one of the kids was priceless as I didn't know how to respond to her question. As we were looking at the big horn sheep we noticed the male going up to the females and sniffing the females, and the females running away quickly. When one of the kids asked one of the zookeepers what they were doing the zookeeper responded that it was "mating season." Here was my conversation with the little girl:

Girl: "what are they doing?"
Me: "umm..."
Girl: "why are the girls running away from the boy?"
Me: "hmmm... I think the girls have a headache"
Girl: "oh"

At this point I could see her really thinking so I simply told her let's check out the other animals, preferably ones not trying to mate!! Goodness gracious, I was not going to teach human sexuality animal version to a bunch of 10yr olds, so I was happy to move on.

This week was also my Herceptin infusion so I took my partner in crime (quite literally, "partner in CRIME"). The infusion was our usual ice cream treat, chit chatting time. Then it was my besties time to explore at the cancer center. We get very into doing some random, slightly questionable, possibly a smidge bit criminal"ish" activity. We seem to be escalating in our childish bets, however I laugh uncontrollably. From laying on a random stretcher, to sitting on a bench with stuffies, to milking a cow statue, to sitting on a cow statue, and then jumping off the cow to sprint like an Olympian so that the security guard wouldn't catch us. I laughed all the way to our car, and then some as we drove home.

Although I was at the cancer center receiving treatment, I never once thought about cancer. I simply didn't care. I felt good. I was with my bestie, and I had a blast. I'm tired of all the seriousness of this disease, of thinking it's going to kill me, of wondering if the cancer is progressing. All that is exhausting. This week I'm exhausted from volunteering at zoo school, and from hanging with some amazing friends that make me laugh uncontrollably. I'm tired from having an amazing week, where I managed to have glimpses of a life without cancer. Laughter really is the best medicine. I think it may be my favourite therapy yet, and I could definitely take an indefinite number of rounds of this type of treatment!!

Obviously Lex wrote on the board, she's involoved with everything!! I've never even seen this board before, but you bet that Lexer found it!!!!!
Herceptin #13, I can't believe it was #13 already!!!

Lex had to write on a leaf!

Me and Lexer driving (possibly distracted driving?) I swear I only momentarily looked at the camera, no accident involoved:) I don't recommend this as usually I am fully focused on driving, hands on 10 and 2:)

Zoo school with my favourite little lady:) She even got to feed a camel!!

Zoo school with my princess noodle. Words can't describe how much I love her


  1. Judit,
    I was walking down the hall today and saw both your beautiful leaf and beautiful 'graffiti' on "The Tree" - it gave me the biggest smile!! So I thought I would pop by your blog tonight and found this wonderful new post, complete with your leaf :) You are such an incredible women and I love how you celebrate life :) Go Super Judit!!

    1. Ahhhh, thank you so much you're too kind! You are by far one of my favourite nurses, but I wish I saw you more when I go for my infusions:)