Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Thoughts On Breast Cancer Awareness

So October is breast cancer awareness month. I know for those of us living with mets this month may be a bit of an overkill with the pink. Personally, and I speak for MYSELF, pink is simply a colour. I always liked the colour pink, but I will explain what bothers ME.

When I see all the products that say they will donate a portion to support "breast cancer awareness" I have come to realize that many of these companies don't give two shits about breast cancer. They care about their own personal profit. It's more of an insult when it states that they give five cents from the cost of a $20 pink scarf goes towards breast cancer awareness. Really?? Wow. Secondly, I'm getting sick of this umbrella term "awareness." What the heck does that mean?? I feel people are aware; get your mammograms, check your boobies, etc... People with stage IV breast cancer need a CURE.

If you want to talk about real awareness did you know that:

-67 Canadians are diagnosed with breast cancer everyday (Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation)
-5000 the number of Canadians who die of breast cancer annually (Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation)
-1/3 people who have early stage breast cancer who go on to develop distant metastases (Metastatic Breast Cancer Network)

Those are some important facts that people should be AWARE of, so now let's donate to causes that help those of us living with stage IV continue to live.

Don't get me wrong I think we have all purchased these products with the best intentions, I know I have in the past too! All I want is for people to be more aware and really question how much, and where the money goes.

I don't need a pink scarf, pink gloves, or pink whatever for me to be aware. All I need to do is look in the mirror, and I have plenty of scars that remind me that aren't nearly as pretty as a pink scarf. That's because breast cancer isn't pretty. It never has been, nor will it ever be.

Sadly, I think people are aware about early detection, blah, blah, blah. However, did you know there has been no significant improvements with survival rates once the cancer becomes metastatic?

Pink is a colour that I still like, despite all the negative connotations associated with it and breast cancer awareness. I'll still wear pink, but I will not support purchases that don't donate to a cause that will benefit those of us who have fallen into the stage IVs. Next time you buy please please think before you pink because the only person who may be benefiting are the large corporations who make a profit from these products. I will continue to rock my pink, but NOT the kind with a pink ribbon that says: "a portion of the proceeds go to raise awareness."

                                                   "Awareness" according to social media
                                                  Awareness according to my reality.

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